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Customized Web Development

We can develop websites which are attractive, interactive and functional; or modify an existing website to better suit your needs. ... more >>

We can

  • set up a business e-mail address or addresses,
  • design a logo,
  • organise web hosting,
  • make your site secure using https,
  • fulfil legal requirements for privacy and cookie policies,
  • allow membership and private areas on your site ...

Whatever you want to do with your website or web app is possible. For example, we could:

  • Allow an administrator to enter, edit and search records in a database of clients or users.
  • Customise the design of the database.
  • Use the data to contact the users easily.
  • Allow access to external sources of information (businesses, restaurants, other sources) using APIs.

Full stack developer including dynamic front end, back end and interfaces.
Database design and integration: MySQL, MariaDB, mongodb.
Wordpress - allows easy updating of content by you.

Web Apps

A web app runs on any smart phone, tablet or computer, on any platform, without a download or an install. It is free for the user and provides no barriers to potential clients, yet it is powerful and can be designed to do most things that an App can do, but easier.

Mobile App Design

Apps for Android and iOS can be developed at the same time without the need for duplication.

IT Support and Training

Support can be provided locally or remotely using Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet. Training can be delivered in many applications e.g. Word, Excel, communications.

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Skerries Chess Club (2012-now)

Our Lady's College (2015-2020)Our Lady's College website by John

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Website and Web App development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS, React, WordPress, XML. front end, back end, full stack development.

Database design and integration

MySQL, MariaDB, mongodb.

Mobile app development

React Native (Android and iOS), Java (Android).

Programming experience

Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Python.

PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Windows 10, 7, XP, 98, 3.1, Linux, LAMP stack, DOS operating systems. Basic networking and hardware support. Built PCs from parts.

Teaching Programming in school and college

C, C++, Python, Java, Web Design, ECDL, Electronics, Physics.

Languages and Communication

Fluent English, French, Irish. Some Italian, Spanish, Russian (чут чут), Swahili (kidogo).


Carta Giovani - 7 Apr 2022

Erica Scaini - In English is a web site built in 2015. During these years it hasn't been maintained from a technician and so it collect lots of little and big problems.

At the end of 2020 we decided to contact Marco and John to update features and fix failures.

They did a great job that lasted almost a year, and are involved in ongoing maintenance. They developed some new features like the possibility to send newsletter directly from the website to all the subscribers or for a group selected by filters (for example: all the people aged from 11 to 20, all the citizen of a municipality, ect.).

Some pages were statics and not editable without asking a technician and John made them modifiable from us.

He also fixed some registration problems, some mistakes on the form to subscribe the project, made printable some lists.

He also made us notice that since we had a lot of data on the site we needed a periodic backup to keep them safe and provided to set a specific software.

At the end, in addition to our requests, John had a look at the entire web site and suggest us some additional features, we never thought about, which will improve the quality and usability.

John worked hard and he keep in touch with us constantly and used a software to trace the activities and interact with us. In addition, we saw each other in many videoconference to discuss on the suggested solutions and to be updated on the tasks.

Erica Scaini
Servizio Politiche Giovanili, Associazionismo e Sport
Comune di San Vito al Tagliamento

Erica Scaini - In Italiano è un sito web costruito nel 2015. Negli anni successivi non è stato mantenuto da un tecnico e dunque ha accumulato una serie di piccoli e grandi problemi.

Alla fine del 2020 abbiamo deciso di contattare Marco e John per aggiornare alcune funzionalità e risolvere i difetti riscontrati.

Loro hanno svolto un grande lavoro che è durato circa un anno e mezzo e che li ha coinvolti anche in una manutenzione continua del sito.

Hanno sviluppato nuove funzionalità come la possibilità di inviare newsletter direttamente dal sito a tutti gli iscritti o a gruppi selezionati attraverso filtri (per esempio: tutte le persone da 11 a 20 anni, tutti i residenti di una certa città, ecc.).

Alcune pagine inoltre erano statiche e non editabili, se non richiedendo l'intervento dei tecnici realizzatori del sito, e John le ha rese modificabili da noi.

Ha anche aggiustato alcuni problemi sulle registrazioni degli utenti, alcuni errori nei form per aderire al progetto, ha reso stampabili liste e molto altro.

Ci ha anche fatto notare che, visto che vengono gestiti molti dati attraverso il sito, avremmo avuto bisogno di un backup periodico per mantenerli al sicuro e ha provveduto a collegare un software specifico per questo.

Infine, oltre alle nostre richieste, John hae dato un'occhiata all'intero sito e ci ha suggerito alcune funzionalità aggiuntive, a cui non avevamo pensato, che avrebbero migliorato la qualità e la fruibilità da parte del pubblico.

John ha lavorato sodo e ha mantenuto costantemente i contatti con noi, usando un software per tracciare le attività e per interagire. In aggiunta ci siamo visti spesso in videoconferenza per discutere sulle soluzioni suggeriteci e per aggiornarci sui lavori.

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