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My most recently completed project involved the repair, updating and customisation of an Italian website. Customisation included adding to the back end administrative part of the site. This allowed operators to select multiple users based on age, commune etc. and then send them personalised emails at no current expenditure cost to the client. I made the site secure (https), added cookie banners and dynamically updated policies and other improvements. Some of these enabled operators to easily update certain pages themselves, similar to Wordpress but simpler to use. The repair involved updating the code and packages, fixing errors and improving functionality. The front end can be viewed at, however without a login you may not view the administrative part where most of the improvements were made. (See Testimonial)

Thanks to the Wayback Machine for snapshots of the older sites below which no longer exist online. These sites trace the history of web development from the 90s to the present day, if you start at the bottom. The more recent sites use CSS to fine tune the look and feel. The dynamic menu bars were developed using JavaScript which loads quickly and allows users to navigate through large complex sites easily.

Skerries Chess Club - (2012-) My current site.

Our Lady's College - (2015-2020) I maintained this site using WordPress to enable multiple users to contribute.

Our Lady's College (2008-2015) - My redesign of the original site developed by Donal Lynch.

Our Lady's College (pre 1987-2007) - by Donal Lynch.

Corporate Rehab Ireland (2005-2006) - unfortunately only content is visible without formatting.

Experimental Physics Department, NUI Maynooth (2003-2005) - Introducing the dynamic JavaScript menu bar, adapted from Bart Buschotts.

Dr. Brendan Glass and Associates (2003-2005) - Introducing CSS.

Elm Mount Chess Club (2000-2007)

Irish Chess Calendar (1997-2007)

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